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Top Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

In an era where digitization is king, direct mail marketing seems a bit quaint. After all, there are more people watching online videos than there are watching TV, so how many opportunities should traditional print mail have to contact your customers? However, the fact is, right now, it’s still a good way to connect with your target audience.

Direct mail offers you unlimited customizations and you can make a direct mail campaign with several products such as direct mail plastic cards, postcards, etc. Here are a few reasons why direct mail marketing is still effective.

Higher Return on Investment

According to data, median ROI for direct mail is 29% ahead of paid search and online display advertising, and just one percentage point behind social media marketing. It’s not just businesses that benefit from direct mail marketing. Nonprofit fundraising events too can get benefitted by direct mail.

Targeting Audience

There are many tools that allow businesses to target individual customers or audience segments through direct mail campaigns, including variable data printing or VDP, allowing you to customize any impression. It has been found that adding a person’s name in full color to direct mail can increase response rates by 135%. Personalization is essential in marketing and studies show that the number of conversions generated by personalized recommendations is three times the number of conversions provided by non-personalized recommendations.

Compliments Your Digital Marketing Endeavors

No one can successfully carry out marketing activities by focusing on only one channel. Think of the latest smartphone promotions everywhere – on TV, online ads, billboards, print ads, and on the side of buses. This is the so-called multichannel marketing.

Each type of marketing has its own purpose. Digital marketing allows you to project a wider network, but print has longevity. Through direct mail, you can find ways to connect your digital marketing efforts with your print strategy to attract customers.

For example, your email may contain a QR code that customers can scan to find special offers. Combining direct mail campaigns with digital marketing can greatly increase your response rate.

Helps You Stand Out

Nowadays, fewer marketers are using direct mail, which helps your mail stand out. Digital marketing may seem flashy and exciting, and direct mail isn’t that common, but it can help you differentiate yourself more effectively. Many consumers say that simply getting mail in an increasingly paperless world is exciting in itself.

Direct Mail Sticks Around

About two-thirds of customers who get direct mail through mail, makes purchases based on that mailing, partly because, unlike email, direct mail generally sticks around. They take up a place in your home. Also, if you include a special offer in your email, customers are more likely to respect it and take action when the time is right.

So, for all these reasons, direct mail campaigns are likely to be successful if you do it the right way. The main aim is to engage your audience at the very first glance. The moment they take a look at your direct mail plastic cards, they should feel immediately interested in it.

You can grab the attention of your audience in many ways, such as coming up with a brilliant design, including offers or by targeting the right audience. The best direct mail campaigns should however manage to find the right balance between these factors and gran the attention of anyone who sees it.


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