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Top 5 Magento Development Trends to Look for in 2021

E-Commerce platforms are increasing at a fast pace, and with more businesses shifting online, this has become even more rapid. At the same time, the eCommerce competition has become fierce. Over the years, Magento has become of the most popular eCommerce platforms among small-scale service-based businesses, entrepreneurs, and enterprises.

Are you too one of those new Magento store owners and looking for the latest trends to help your business flourish in 2021? If yes, then here are the top Magento Development trends that you must look for in the upcoming months in 2021.

Unique and Personalized Experience

If you give the users a new, unique, and personalized customer experience, it will likely help improve your revenue fetched from the eCommerce stores.

Compared to Magento’s previous version, this new and latest version will give every user a much-enhanced experience. This is important because it will give the user increased customer satisfaction, develop a sense of brand loyalty, and help retain them as a customer in the long run.

The latest version of Magento is equipped with several new and much-useful features to make all this possible.

Smooth and Seamless Mobile Shopping Experience

Almost half and even more customers prefer to shop online using their mobile phones. In fact, in the coming years, people hopping through their phones will significantly increase for it is handier and can be done sitting at any corner in the world. This means that eCommerce will soon be transforming into mCommerce that too completely.

The better your eCommerce website looks on the mobile, the more chances are there to return to the site after customer’s satisfaction and help generate more sales & revenue.


With the improvements in Artificial intelligence (AI), Chatbots are gaining popularity among eCommerce platforms. More and more shopping websites now have Chatbots integration that are user-friendly and enhances their experience.

Bots that can chat are called chatbots, and they can help predict potential customers. After analyzing the customer’s purchase history. And not only that, they are smart enough to comprehend the customer’s behavior and buying patterns.

For real-time assistance, the Magento development services allow integrating user-friendly, AI powdered Chatbots on your online shopping platform.

Are you aware of Google Alexa and Apple’s Siri? Certainly, every one of us is. With the increasing popularity of voice assistants, the demand for voice search is also rising. As per some of the recent reports, the voice search sales will reach the milestone of $40 in the few upcoming years. So, it is anyway a great idea that you start making your online shopping website equipped with voice search.

Artificial Intelligence

The eCommerce platforms that make use of Artificial Intelligence on their website are likely to make more revenues. By adopting and integrating AI in your eCommerce platforms, just like Chatbots, can certainly deliver endless money-making possibilities.

Be it handling customers like aiding in initial interaction, frequently asked questions, handling and solving their queries and complaints, assisting the store owners in sales and marketing, AI can handle anything with ease. With AI assistance, you can judge your customer’s shopping habits and know their favorite and most-shopped products. This way, you can even give them custom offers on their favorite products and even give them suggestions based on the previous shopping experiences.

This will make your website more user-interactive and deliver better customer services. This will ultimately help in increasing the customer’s conversation rate and improve your customer base.

Final Words

Found all this somewhat enticing? Start doing these things into your Magento eCommerce store right away. Even if you are using any other eCommerce platform, you can easily switch to Magento, as Migration to Magento is very easy. Also, it has many enhanced features, better customer interactions feature, integrations, and a lot more to increase your online business sales.

Like Magento, BigCommerce Web Developers can help you achieve the same if you use BigCommerce for your online platform.


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