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Tips for organizing a trip to Eastern Europe

How to find tips for organizing a trip to Eastern Europe when hardly anyone talks about these countries?

We have asked ourselves the same question a thousand times: What is it about this part of the world that is not as popular as France, Spain, or Italy?

I’m not going to judge them, some years ago when I dreamed of visiting Europe. I couldn’t think of anything other than Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Paris or London. That is what dominated television screens, travel magazines, and the media.

Talking about Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Kosovo, among others, was the same as talking about war, poverty, and danger.

But things have changed. The war ended years ago, and although wealth does not predominate in the countries of Eastern Europe, the effort and evolution that each one had to make to move forward and proclaim their place in the world are notorious, not only as a free and free nation. Independent but as a place of peace and much to offer to tourism wants to get out of the ordinary.

Travel through Eastern Europe, one of the most beautiful areas of the European continent.

Yes, it is true, here there is no Eiffel Tower, nor the Roman Coliseum or the Sagrada Familia, but that does not mean that the places can be dull or there is nothing to do.

How to travel in Eastern Europe

Dare to travel through Eastern Europe 

  • It is undoubtedly the most obvious advice but the best that we can give you. DARE to get out of the conventional mold and what the traditional tourist guides dictate.
  • Eastern Europe is an area that has not been corrupted by mass tourism, which has two significant advantages:
  1. Even in high season, it will not be possible to see the same number of people you see in destinations like Barcelona or Rome, so the lines and crowded places are rare. Perhaps the only goals with these problems are some cities in Croatia, Hungary, and the Czech Republic that have recently become the favorite countries of Europeans to vacation. Still, outside there, they will not have such a problem.
  2. Best of all, being cheap countries makes them accessible places for any pocket, and you can find accommodation, entertainment, and food offerings for absolutely all types of budgets.

Do not be afraid.

  • When we were still planning our route through the eastern countries, some told us: “DO NOT go there. The country is dangerous because of the war.”
  • The Balkans and some eastern countries have a recent war history, and many war wounds have not healed, but the end of the conflict was more than 15 years ago. So you have nothing to fear.
  • In addition to living in holy peace, contrary to everything that can be thought and to all the prejudices surrounding the poorest countries in Europe, they are very safe.
  • Never in all this time traveling on this side of the planet did we feel insecure or threatened. Moreover, we dare to say that Eastern Europe is much safer for tourists than the main European capitals.

Explore on your own

  • This tip goes to all lovers of organized tours and tour guides. Eastern European countries are ideal to be explored on your own.
  • Do not worry about planning and tour any of these places on your own. We promise that it is effortless. All countries have their own, and it is worth going beyond the most famous or known.
  • Rent a car, take a bus or a train and get to those places that hardly appear on the maps. The little towns are a real gem.

Research the entry requirements for each country in advance.

  • Some Eastern European countries are part of the Schengen space, but their immigration regulations govern mostSo before putting together a route, calmly check if the countries require a visa or some special requirements.
  • Based on our experience, we can tell you that borders and migratory crossings are usually soft in this regard. Still, it is always advisable to bring all the documentation in order and some other proof of your travel intentions.

How to travel in Eastern Europe

Read a little about the history of the countries you plan to visit.

  • We are the type of traveler who prefers the uncertainty and surprises that a destination may have, and very rarely do we read information about the country we will visit.
  • And when we get to read something about it, most of the time, it is technical data that helps us organize our visit.
  • However, we highly recommend that you read a little about the history of the countries you plan to travel to. Why? Because this will help them enormously to understand the current life of the place and the behavior of the people.
  • The story behind the Eastern European countries is not straightforward. In some areas, it can even create conflict or hurt feelings if it is discussed openly, particularly with older people.
  • Read, learn, and travel informed.

Organize your trip and plan a good itinerary.

  • We are not in favor of armed circuits to travel five countries and ten cities in 12 days.
  • At first glance, it may seem that more is known, but the reality is that traveling so much in such a short time only leaves you tired, broken, and with the feeling of having stepped on a country to take the stock photo of yourself and then take your things and go to the next destination.
  • The best thing is to organize yourself based on the days you have available and dedicate the time it deserves to each place.
  • Traveling a little slower than usual will allow you to get to know a country more thoroughly and become more closely involved with its culture.
  • If you want to know a possible itinerary to visit the region, you can read this article by Traveling Journalists about Itinerary through the Balkans.

 Choose something based on your interests.

  • We cannot choose a country or group of countries as favorites to recommend you as an itinerary.
  • Everyone has their attractions, and although they generally have similarities between one and the other, each one is special and has its charm.
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