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Improving the Custom Printed Rigid Boxes’ Design

Imagine you are a high-end brand trying to boost your sales through product differentiation. However, the fly in the ointment is that your product packaging design is too common, relatively simple, the wholesale rigid boxes’ features are not prominent enough, and the interaction between the product and the consumers is insufficient. Consumers fail to find your product attractive and not convenient enough for consumption. This leads them to go for other similar high-quality products encased in attractive wholesale rigid boxes.

Custom Rigid Box Packaging Design Strategy

The Packaging Republic’s team of packaging experts suggests you harmonize your product’s external image and internal spirit by visually enhancing the custom rigid box packaging so that your brand gets a stronger competitive advantage among similar products. For that, you need to consider a few aspects of custom printed rigid boxes such as material, structure, color application, and graphic application. After sketching, optimizing, finalizing, and other steps, a series of brand new custom rigid box packaging designs in line with its connotation, brand personality, and forward-looking must be created in response to many existing problems, highlighting health, fashion, environmental protection, and the characteristics of brand awareness, creating a good product visual identity image, to strengthen consumers’ desire to buy, and to achieve the purpose of brand communication and promotion.

How to come up with a suitable packaging design?

The charm of traditional culture that belongs exclusively to the consumer’s preferences in the specific industry is rare in the world’s art. For example, in custom-printed rigid boxes for cosmetics, it will be more cultural to use traditional elements belonging to the cosmetics industry. And many traditional patterns and symbols have a particular meaning. For example, in Chinese cosmetic boxes, the Ruyi moiré represents auspicious wealth. The combination of the bat and the peach represents “happiness, longevity, and fortune,” the peony means “noble and elegant.” The lotus means white and immaculate. The “fish” symbolizes happiness and harmony and is given the meaning of “abundance” because of the homophony. Therefore, while designing the packaging boxes, always ask your rigid box manufacturers USA to consider the market demand and the product’s characteristics as the starting point. Consider its different design focus and visual effect expression methods according to the target market cultural environment norms.

Use of color

Cosmetic packaging design is not as simple as putting the product in a bag or box. In addition to considering various elements such as material and shape, the use of color in customized packaging boxes is also essential. There are some fixed associations with some colors in the human mind. For example, yellow is primarily reminiscent of happiness and excitement, while red is the color of extremes. It is the color of passionate love, danger, anger, violence, and adventure. In history, red was seen as the color of fire and blood – energy and primal life forces. The warmth and coldness of color contrast the tendency of color itself, and the psychological feeling it triggers must be considered. If you are running a bakery and selling food items like pastries, brownies, and cakes, then your packaging should be mostly warm and bright colors, as these colors evoke a sweet and delicious feeling. According to various rigid box manufacturers USA, the higher purity and brightness of red, orange, yellow will be more luxurious. Consumers can recognize the taste information delivered at a glance. Read more the general time.


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