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Benefits of Femto-Second Laser Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery technique has changed after two years of conventional phaco. With the help of the Lens Femtosecond laser and live OCT-guided imaging, an Ophthalmologist in Westchester may do the hardest steps of cataract operation with ease and precision. The laser so provides patients with a blade-free, exceptionally secure and a much better alternative.

Benefits of Femto-Second laser

High Definition Unmatched by Human Hands: The laser ushers in a new age of automation, improving the skills of the surgeon, which makes the most troublesome steps of Phaco surgery easy and 100% true, thereby enhancing the safety and visual results of cataract surgery. Imagine drawing a circle using a computer-guided printer, compared to a human hand, and you can understand the difference.

Bladeless Cataract Surgery: Since the laser is the cutting tool during the whole surgery, no knives or blades are used during the process, also making it the nomenclature of bladeless cataract operation. A computer-controlled laser is a more exact and a better cutting instrument than a hand-held for men and women that have a phobia for needles and blades, working on such a delicate system as the human eye, this process is a welcome relief.

Enhances Vision: Traditional Paco only addresses the issue of cataract, with no effect on preexisting astigmatism (cylindrical power) because of abnormal corneal curvature. Femto-Second laser also corrects the preexisting cylinder in a patient’s eye, with its astigmatic correction module (LRI) thereby leading to a better outcome when compared with conventional Best Eye Doctor in Westchester. Henceforth, cataract surgery isn’t only a process of visual rehabilitation, but an experience of this improved outcome.

Safer: Phaco is regarded as a reasonably secure surgery nevertheless, that the Femto-Second laser system further enhances the security by enhancing the performance of a surgeon and lessening the odds of human error. The computer-controlled incisions created by the laser are more accurate and precise than manual incisions, regarding architecture and depth. For this reason, wound seals better and there are fewer odds of infection.

A fundamental Platform for Advanced Technology (AT) IOLs: Premium Intra-ocular lenses (IOLs) need a totally centered, round and fixed diameter capsular opening for best centering of the lens inside the eye, with greater focus and enhanced results possible only with Femto-Second laser. It’s not the process of choice for patients with corneal opacities.


The Femtosecond laser is docked on the eye by means of a decorative Interface (PI) and a gentle specially designed contact lens. Live constant 3-D OCT images are streamed on to the monitor screen. Main incision, side port incision, and Capsular opening are indicated on the monitor. Astigmatic control incisions if needed are also marked.

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