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Arabica or Robusta: Which One is a Better Choice?

You might have heard from the coffee connoisseur the mention of different types of coffee beans and how they are different from one another. But if you aren’t an expert, they all sound and look the same.

Especially once they are roasted and brewed, almost every coffee kind looks similar. But the truth is there are different kinds of coffee beans that have varied characteristics to them.

When it comes to regular cups of coffee, the most famous ones are Robusta and Arabica Coffee Brazil and in other locations. These are the two species of coffee beans that are popularly cultivated.

Despite belonging to the same flowering plant family named Rubiaceae, arabica and robusta are two different species. The distinct species gives them the varied characteristics and flavours.

However, it is to be noted that sometimes the difference in processing methods and unforeseen growing conditions can give a single kind of coffee bean or variety, a distinct flavour and quality.

Therefore, arabica coffee cultivated in Brazil may have a different flavour profile than that of arabica coffee grown in Ethiopia. There’s a lot of things going when it comes to coffee characteristics.

Nevertheless, the difference between Arabica and Robusta can be enumerated in the following ways. Keep reading more to find out which coffee bean is a better choice.

Arabica Coffee Beans

Many believe Arabica Coffee Beans to be superior to all the other coffee beans. Well, the truth is it really depends on the preference of the consumer. Because of the less caffeine content than Robusta, Arabica has a sweeter and smoother taste.

The flavour notes of this coffee bean is chocolate and caramel. Sometimes, Arabica coffee beans give off hints of fruity or berries as well. The taste of Arabica is appreciated worldwide as almost seventy percent of coffee production globally comes from Arabica farmlands.

These coffee beans were the first ones that were discovered in the beginning on the lands of Ethiopia. Known to be cultivated on higher elevated regions, arabica plants grow up to the length of 5 meters.

The Arabica coffee plant flowers only after a few years after they are planted and the flowers have aromatic smell to it. The shrubs of Arabica coffee although grows 5 meters tall, they are trimmed down to 2 meters for easier harvesting.

Since this coffee bean has two sets of chromosomes in them, it is qualified for self-pollination as well. This makes them more stable species than the others.

Along with sweeter taste, Arabica coffee beans have a high acidity level. It is also more expensive than Robusta coffee beans as they are considered superior in taste.

Robusta Coffee Beans

Robusta Coffee Beans contain twice the level of caffeine than Arabica Coffee Beans making them harsher in taste. The coffee produced from Robusta is grainy in texture and has a strong taste to it.

Unlike Arabica coffee beans, Robusta are less complicated when it comes to cultivation. They are grown in lower altitudes and aren’t susceptible to pests or harsh weather conditions.

Even though Robusta aren’t known for its superior taste they are commonly found in most espresso blends. The reason for this is that they are capable of producing better crema. Crema is basically the layer of frothy cream found on top of espresso shots.

The high caffeine content and chlorogenic acids found in them are the reason behind its capability against withstanding harsh conditions. In contrast to Arabica, Robusta coffee beans take less time to grow its fruit.

Robusta is the perfect choice to go for when you need a kick of caffeine in your system to get going for the day.

Arabica vs Robusta

It really depends on the preference of the consumer when it comes to choosing the coffee variety. While Arabica has a rich, sweet and acidic taste to it, they are perfect for making cappuccinos and a nice warming cup of coffee.

Whereas Robusta is known for its high caffeine levels and has a harsh bitter taste to it. They are ideal for making espresso blends or for someone who likes their coffee a bit bitter.

Also, the cultivation of Arabica is complicated as they grow on higher altitudes. Farmers need to be alert and take precautions to avoid damage from pests.

But Robusta have self-defending capabilities due to its chlorogenic acid content. Making them less prone to pests and rough weather conditions.

Bottom Line

Robusta and Arabica Coffee Brazil and other locations have earned a worldwide name for its distinct characteristics which consumers find appealing. While Arabica is found to be superior in taste, the popularity of Robusta cannot be ignored.

The two variants are ideal for making two different blends of coffee. At the end of the day, it is really based on the consumer’s preference and the choice of coffee bean they like to go for.


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