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5 News Apps That You Need to Stay Up to Date!

Gone are the days when we would wake up, have a hot cup of coffee, and sit in front of our TV sets to watch some news. In today’s fast-paced lifestyle, everyone stays updated with local and international news from their smartphones only. However, the source of this news should be very carefully picked as misinformation is very much a possibility these days. Thankfully there is a list of some amazing, must-have news apps that can help you stay up to date on the go.

  • BBC News App

BBC already has the biggest name in the news industry. Globally, it is the most well-known news network, and also the oldest news network. It is headquartered in London but has many of its offices and networks globally as well. The news network is home to the largest number of employees and journalists.

Today, due to the digitalization of every aspect of life, the BBC has also intelligently adapted. Apart from a smooth e-news system, it also has a mobile app that provides users with news updates. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices and is also a platform for on-demand and live videos.

With the BBC News app, you can get your hands on features like live news streaming, push notifications for breaking news, and lots of personalization features. You can adjust the interface of the app and have the most interesting sections like “top news” and “entertainment” on the top.

You can easily navigate between various menus, and choose to watch “videos” from the designated section. The news is also shareable through various apps and link sharing. You can also use the search bar to look for particular news by searching for keywords such as your city name.

  • Apple News

For all iPhone and iPad users, the search for the best news app ends at Apple News. This built-in app comes with a free and a subscription-based version. The app has a very neat and crisp interface, making it very easy to navigate through.

It is part of the Apple ecosystem, so it integrates and syncs really well with all your activities and data. Based on your interest, the app filters out suggestions and only shows what you might be interested in. The subscription is also worth the money. It does not cost more than $10 a month, and is your ultimate gateway to many premium quality news articles and journals from platforms like The New York Times. However, the monthly paid subscription is only a viable option for the die-hard news fans, who cannot go a day without reading a current affairs article.

The only possible drawback to Apple News is that it will bombard you with notifications. You can change the settings and disable the notifications, but that might lead you to forgetting about opening the app at all. Secondly, the app is strictly available to Apple users only, so Android users might want to read on to find something for their devices.

  • Al Jazeera

From smart TVs to Android phones to iPhones, the Al Jazeera app is available on all such platforms. Al Jazeera has recently become a very large and popular news outlet, especially for its coverage of events in the Middle East. Today it broadcasts news from many parts of the world, with some of the biggest news reporting from the US.

The best part about the Al Jazeera app is that features that are rather premium in other apps, such as on-demand videos, are free of charge here. The Al Jazeera English Channel streams live on the app, so you can use it anywhere there is internet. If you are subscribed to AT&T Internet, you can enjoy an endless stream of global news without any interruptions.

On the app’s user-friendly interface, you can save stories for later, get push notifications for special coverages, and of course, enjoy live videos as well. The news network is known for its independent and bold reporting, so you are in for a great deal of global news that may just be exclusive.

  • CNN News

CNN or Cable News Network is a TV channel based in Atlanta. Ever since its foundation in 1980, the news channel has made it marked globally as well. Its mobile app is no less amazing than the original TV broadcasting that it excels in.

The CNN News app is like having 24-hours of television news on your phone, as long as you have a stable internet connection. The app has both video content and textual content. You can also now use the app to subscribe to CNN+, which is a premium subscription that gives you access to special content and features. One feature of the CNN+ is that you can ask questions and the journalists will ask them in the respective interviews.

Some important features of the app include saving articles for reading later, global and local news, and customize alerts for your most awaited news updates. You can also listen to the audio news, for occasions when you are driving, running, working out in the gym, or before going to bed. With CNN+, live and on-demand videos are also a luxury.

  • Google News

The best alternative to Apple News is Google News for android users. The biggest advantage Google News has over any other news app is its extensive reach to users’ data. This means that Google’s advertisements and all the user activities let the app customize the news feed according to a user’s interests.

You will notice that Google News is packed with updates and articles that perfectly align with your most searched keywords and interests. In this day and age where the amount of information is extensive over the internet, Google News stands out with its  “Full Coverage” feature. With this feature, you are essentially checking out what other news outlets are saying about a particular issue. Resultantly, you get more holistic and unbiased information.

If you are subscribed to particular news outlets like New York Times, you can access the content directly from the Google News app. This helps streamline the news updates process, and you can find everything you need on just one app.

A Sum Up

The list of these apps can be very long, but these 5 make it to the top. There is something for every kind of watcher on these news apps, whether you are into live 24/7 news broadcasts or sports news. Make sure the app you choose is compatible with your devices.

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